Nurses in Digital Health Technology


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Nurses in Digital Health Technology
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Table of Contents



1. The application of digital health technologies and strategies

Implication of digital health technologies have become a popular way and is seemingly successful method to diagnose and accurately treat someone with diseases or any sorts of health conditions, and then effectively evaluate is something that had led to the development of effective deliveries healthcare for the individuals (Nouvet et al. 2019). Using digital health technologies as computing platforms where the aspect of different sorts of software and different kinds of technological advancements, connectivity, integrated software, sensors for healthcare and all sorts of associated issues that have been a consistent aspect of health evaluation process (Kress, Godack, Berwanger & Davidson, 2018). With the consistent use and implementation of digital healthcare technologies, the aspect of identifying, analysing and then evaluating have become a much faster and swift process, something that had also allowed the healthcare departments to develop stead improvements eventually and deliver refined healthcare services, something that had led to the development of effective healthcare assessment.

For Mrs. Betty, the aspect of digital healthcare devices or any sorts of technological applications are extremely important. According to the case study scenario, she has been found to be unconscious and the lack of her medical information and no use of any sorts of digital healthcare technologies have delayed her treatment (O’Raghallaigh & Adam, 2017). Use of digital healthcare assessment technologies such as My Health Record would allow Mrs Betty to eventually conduct an internet based consolidated health information ere creation, maintenance and management of all the medical records would be conducted by the individual her/himself, something that would allow patients like Betty to have control over her own records (Burrows et al. 2019). Use of digital healthcare technological platforms such as My Health Record is extremely effective for example because it is free and an integrity-based utility setup, by the Australian Digital Health Agency, governed by the Australian Government. By managing the wellness and monitoring the health information, effectively, My Health Record would also include different lab tests results, medical images and medications, prescriptions, calories consumptions and all the other vitals associated with the individuals medical history (Lupton, 2017). All of this information and its effective management at just one single place at all cost improve the aspect of how the health services providers are engaged in delivering their services, these information helps them to effectively conduct the assessment and then provide treatments, accordingly. All-round coordination of multiple set of interactions and different sets of opinions on the same diagnosis with the involvement of multiple healthcare services providers would also get improved with the involvement of the multiple or more than just one healthcare services providers (Kress, Godack, Berwanger & Davidson, 2018). With the aspect of all sorts of accurate monitoring of all the previous tests information available and all the necessary medical images have helped avoid the medical professionals to avoid any sorts of repetition of medical tests that have already been taken by the patients like Mrs. Betty. Instead of scattering all the information across all sorts of devices, the aspect of having all the necessary medical information on just one integrated computing platforms have led to the easy assessment and evaluation of the medical treatments and deliveries of effective healthcare services accordingly (Esmail, 2020).

2. Legal and ethical requirements of the registered nurses

The legal and ethical aspects that have been designed by the Australian Health Agency along with the NHS and government of Australia, is to ensure that the provided guidelines work as a principles for all the registered nurses working across the country and help them to effectively treat their patients and them conduct all the relevant assessment and evaluation, something that would lead to the deliveries of effective healthcare services and products (Lindberg, Bhatt & Ferm, 2017). The Code of Ethics for the nurses in Australia suggests that valuing quality nursing care for all sorts of people is very crucial (Borg & Bragge, 2020). It is very relevant hat the nurses are able to value quality nursing care and then effectively deliver the same to their patients to ensure that they are evenly performing irrespective of whoever the patient is. Valuing respect and kindliness are some of the major important things that have been instructed to the nurses to abide by, especially for themselves and the others, in a way it promotes the registered nurses to effectively consider to equally respect their patient or anybody that come across them (Al Kuwaiti, Al Muhanna & Al Amri, 2018). Nurses are suggested to value the concept of diversity amongst the patients that they are observing or they are providing services towards. It is the very aspect of registered nurses that they respect peoples different cultural backgrounds, ethnic identities, races or even colours, the diverse patients are to be treated by the nurses equally and evenly and make sure that all of them are able to receive treatments equally (Theron, Astle & Dixon, 2019). Making sure that the patients are able to access all sorts of quality healthcare services and treatments. Registered nurses are to value this very aspects that the patients are able to avail any sorts of refined sense of treatments or services irrespective where they come from, something that would benefit them effectively and have them get better with time, and also would allow the nurses to have less difficulties in their assessments if their patients have already access to all the medical treatments and services (Tanioka et al. 2019). Valuing informed-decision making is another aspect of the registered nurses, this means that before concluding on a decision, information the patients and their family members, acknowledging all the medical professionals who are also involved is to be conducted by the nurse. The nurse is responsible to effectively inform all the other medical professionals, the family members of the patients and the patients themselves, to effectively come to a decision, for respecting the patients choices of receiving that healthcare treatments (Sensmeier, 2017). Valuing all the cultural safety meaning, beside the organisational culture, respecting different cultural understanding of the patients and then duly safeguarding those cultural aspects are also relevant. Ethical management of information, such as respecting their privacy, maintain their confidentiality, paying attention to their way of being and then treating them accordingly and also not imposing certain compulsions, something that do not wish to go through would be taken care of by the registered nurses to effectively conduct the medical assessments of the patients an then effectively deliver the healthcare services (Pepito & Locsin, 2018). The management of a socially sustainable environments by the registered nurses to ensure that they are consistently promoting the health and wellbeing of their patients is something that have been consistently conducted and is one of the few crucial legal requirements for the registered nurses. Ensuring an ecological sustainable environment is also something that is to be developed by the registered nurses and then effective development of the same is something that is to be created by the registered nurses, especially in delivering quality healthcare services to their patients like Mrs. betty (stlund, 2017).

3. Improvement of Bettys health outcomes with the involvements of digital technology

With the involvements of digital healthcare technologies such as My Health Record it would help the healthcare services providers to effectively manage and then provide better and suitable services accordingly (Nouvet et al. 2019). With the aspect if saved past health records, Mrs. Betty would be able to help her doctors or the medical professional whose supervision she is currently under will be able to provide the required services and then eventually provide an effective treatment accordingly (O’Raghallaigh & Adam, 2017). Besides the aspect of saving costs, the medical professionals would be able to conduct evaluation of Mrs. Betty way better with all these information and insights, the registered nurses would be able to create awareness in Betty about her health and her conditions (Lupton & Maslen, 2019). Details such as her past medical admissions, and how she is effected with diseases like Blood sugar and how that affects her body would be much clear to her and the medical professional would be able to provide her better insights as to how she can possibly take care of herself besides getting medical treatments and healthcare services from her nurses and medical professionals (Lupton & Leahy, 2019). It would help her to have better access to her health records and then eventually Mrs. Betty would be able to learn as to how to be compliant with all the medical guidelines that the nurses are providing to her and her family would also be able to stay participated, in this case her son. Tracking health and wellness parameters with that would get much better and would allow the doctors to effectively provide treatments to Betty and that would help her recover much faster than she currently is (Lupton, 2017). With the involvements of the digital healthcare technologies, the patient such as Mrs. betty would be able to share all of her health records with her doctors, nurses, and even families and friends. She would be able to share the same information with the one that she is closest to, like her son, something that would allow for all of the people that she is most of the time surrounded by to stay cautious and informed about Bettys health condition, something that would lead up to the developments of better health outcomes. The up-to-date information of Bettys health would allow her friends and families and all the registered nurses to effectively intervene and then raise concerns accordingly and that would lead her to receive the suitable treatments without any sorts of delay, eventually that would help her to have better health outcomes than she currently is receiving (Locsin et al. 2021).

4. Ways to ease the concerns of Betty regarding confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality is one of the major requirements, something that is both legally and ethically required for the overall development of any patients better wellbeing, especially when they are at the healthcare departments and not at the comfort space of their homes (Lindberg, Bhatt & Ferm, 2017). The limitations of them being able to see their nearest and dearest ones would allow them to reach a certain temperament something that Mrs. Betty had reached with her consecutive deterioration and numerous admissions to the healthcare facilities. Ensuring the Mrs. bettys all the information are duly protected and safeguarded is one of the major ways to effectively maintain confidentialities (Kress, Godack, Berwanger & Davidson, 2018). For instance, this would be much easier if that specific healthcare facility is able to create, develop and design a set of policies and confidentiality agreements and then implement that into their organisational environment and their medical practices, that would possibly improve the situation (Esmail, 2020). For instance, the policies would include that the patients personal information would be safeguarded with the patient and their family members and between the involved medical professional who are treating them. Exploiting personal information would not be allowed by the authority within the discipline of the healthcare facility (Chiu, Duncan & Whyte, 2020). The aspect of providing regular training to the individual who are working at the healthcare facility where Betty is admitted would provide better refinement regarding the confidentiality issues. Providing better training to everybody who are in that surrounding would create a consistent environment where the patients like Bettys information and their confidentialities have been safeguarded by the healthcare authority. Ensuring that all the collected information of Betty, be it her medical or personal information, they are collected, safeguarded and stored in secure systems are some of the most relevant aspects of the entire system (Burrows et al. 2019). Allowance of mobile devices would be restricted especially while visiting the patients and these kinds of regulations requirements are to be included under the confidentiality policies. As a woman, her privacy is to be safeguarded and also her private space is to be provided to her as a human by sanctioning all the necessary confidentiality policy requirements that have just been discussed (Borg & Bragge, 2020). Holding or conducting discussions in that action a mandatory policy requirement under the confidentiality agreements are to be sanctioned, something that would ease Bettys concern for her confidentiality during her stay at the healthcare facility. Keeping electronic records beside just having physical records and then storing them in safe and exclusively accessible places would ensure even better security of Bettys confidentiality and that would be reduce the risk of any sorts of violation of confidential information of Betty or any patients who are at the healthcare facility (Al Kuwaiti, Al Muhanna & Al Amri, 2018).



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